At Pittheus Business Consulting we approach public relations initially from a strategic angle so that time and money can be more effective. We offer a wide range of PR services and we can help you strengthen your business and public relationships with your publics.

We will work with you and we will put together a strategic PR plan that often looks at the following:

  • PR Mission – What do you want to achieve and when

  • PR Objectives – What are the key objectives that make up the end result

  • PR Strategies – A detailed analysis of the strategic options for achieving these objectives

  • PR Tactics – Analysing the actions which will give the strategies every chance of working

  • PR Timescales & Controls – Who is going to do what and by when

We will then assist you in implementing the strategies and tactics on a regular basis.


  • Media Relations and Publicity

  • News Releases (Internet, Print, TV)

  • Special Events and Promotions (i.e. Product launches, Grand openings, Company presentations, sponsorships)

  • Customer Communications