Marketing Services

We provide creative marketing services that help our clients achieve their business goals in a digital world. Digital Marketing as a practice and a term is widely used in today’s world but its meaning is often confused.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is an organisational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organisation and its stakeholders.

At Pittheus Business Consulting we have a team of experienced marketing strategists which can help you with your digital marketing activities. For more information on the range of marketing services that our team has to offer please take a look below.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing strategy is essentially a pattern or a plan that integrates your organisation’s major goals and objectives, policies and action sequences in a cohesive whole. At Pittheus Business Consulting we will help you in developing a marketing strategy which will ensure that your product or service is targeted at the appropriate market segment, priced correctly and is perfectly presented.

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Market Research & Analysis

Our market analysts here at PBC can conduct many different types of Market Research & Analysis including Competitor Research & Analysis, Customer Research & Analysis, New Market Research & Analysis, Product Research, Advertising Research etc.

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Product Development

At Pittheus Business Consulting we can assist you with the generation, assesment, development and implementation of new products and services within your company. Our structure and facilitation is flexible and this works equally well with services as it does with products.

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Despite what many people believe, branding is not just about your logo, slogan and glossy brochure or package. At Pittheus Business Consulting we believe that a brand extends to its employees, customers, the media and even the general public. For us branding starts from the inside out.

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Public Relations

At PBC we believe that effective public relations is more than just sending out press releases. Public relations and publicity are not synonymous but many PR campaigns include provisions for publicity. Public relations for us is a management function that focuses on communication and fostering of mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its publics.

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