Market Research Services

We have the know-how

The process of market research is an ongoing activity that keeps you up-to-date on your business, the industry you are in and the customers you are serving.

If your company is looking at any of the scenarios below and you want to achieve your business goals then you should look into our complete Market Research Services.

Is your company looking to

  • enter a new market
  • build its position in the market
  • create a new brand
  • find out how satisfied your customers or your employees are
  • target markets more efficiently
  • develop a new product
  • test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

Pittheus Business Consulting can help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by using our data driven market research services.

Our methodology is neutral, we believe that different circumstances require different approaches. We are selecting the best research solution to meet the unique needs of our clients. We have experience from the most traditional to the most innovative research methodologies:

We are specialising in obtaining market information direct from people who their opinion matters – business people, industry experts and consumers – in order to answer the most difficult questions facing your business.

Whether you wish to find out the size and key segments of a target market, evaluate competition, or understanding how to tailor or convey your advantages of your offering, our team here at Pittheus Business Consulting can help you.

Qualitative Market Research

  • Focus groups

  • Creative workshops

  • In depth interviews

Quantitative Market Research

  • Face to face

  • Telephone

  • On-line

  • Postal

Our market analysts know that the real value in conducting a research is not just about talking to the right people in the right way, it is also about understanding what they say and interpreting this in the context of our customers business field. Use our market research services and strengthen your business strategy with strong fundamental data.