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We are passionate about strategy

Our Business Strategy Consulting approach is a holistic one that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. Business strategy determines the direction towards which an organisation is moving; defines the goals of the company and its employees; identifies the key ingredients on which success is based. Targets should be formulated clearly, but equally important they should be communicated clearly and be based on solid facts regarding market opportunities and company capability. Pittheus Business Consulting provides expert advice and support with business strategy development, strategic planning, strategic management and strategy consulting.

Business Strategy Consulting requires extensive strategic planning and is a key element for business success. At Pittheus Business Consulting we use key tools in exploring Business Strategy Consulting. We use many strategic planning tools but we usually start with a M.O.S.T analysis which will help you clarify your:

MISSION – where your business intends to go

OBJECTIVES – the key goals needed to achieve your mission

STRATEGIES – the options open to you to achieve your goals

TACTICS – how to put these strategies into action

A clear, carefully stepped business strategy invigorates your business, energises your team and puts your long-term goals within hand’s reach.

The key to success is for this whole process to hang together from top to bottom and also in reverse. From the top, clarifying the mission drives the objectives which create strategic options which force tactical actions to be taken. From the bottom, every action at tactical level should help to make the strategies work, all strategies should help to achieve the objectives, and all the objectives should take the business towards the mission.

Our business strategy consultants will help you generate the strategic thinking and will guide you through putting in place the strategic management process that will seek to ensure your product or service has the right backing, the right positioning and the right promotion to provide sustainable success.

At PBC we believe that staying ahead of competition and improving bottom line results is the key for sustaining success. Our consultants can guide you with a clear, strategic approach, supporting client- management with visions and concepts, executing analysis and stimulating discussions.