Pavlos Filippidis Case Studies

According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) e-Agriculture is an emerging field in the intersection of agricultural informatics, agricultural development and entrepreneurship, referring to agricultural services, technology dissemination, and information delivered or enhanced through the Internet and related technologies. More specifically, it involves the conceptualisation, design, development, evaluation and application of new (innovative) ways to use existing or emerging information and communication technologies (ICTs). E-Agriculture goes beyond technology, to promote the integration of technology with multimedia, knowledge and culture, with the aim of improving communication and learning processes between various actors in agriculture locally, regionally and worldwide. Facilitation, support of standards and norms, technical support, capacity building, education, and extension are all key components to e-Agriculture.

There are numerous types of activity related to e-agriculture applications that are widely recognized around the world today. The delivery of agricultural information and knowledge services (i.e. market prices, extension services, etc) using the Internet and related technologies falls under the definition of e-Agriculture. More advanced applications of e-agriculture in farming exist in the use of sophisticated Information and Communication Technologies such as satellite systems, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), advanced computers and electronic systems to improve the quantity and quality of production.

At Pittheus Business Consulting we focus mainly on technology based solutions such as e-commerce. We also aim to produce soon a case study on more advanced e-agriculture applications such as Precision Agriculture where farmers are using ICT’s and other technologies in order to obtain more precise information about agricultural resources which allow them to identify, analyse and manage the variability of soil and plants for optimum profitability and protection of the environment.

e-Commerce and e-Marketing in Agriculture

Improved productions and high yields result in the need to look for profitable markets beyond local communities and electronic markets are providing a great opportunity for farmers to market and sell their goods to buyers at a global level. Recent studies showed that e-commerce is evolving in Agriculture. Farmers nowdays are using the Internet not only to market and sell their agricultural products over electronic networks but also using it as a tool to access information on commodity prices, weather, farm chemicals and machinery.

Our team here at Pittheus Business Consulting is aiming to provide our expertise to farmers in Greece in order to enhance the agricultural economy and help farmers transform their business into modern competitive enterprises. If the field of e-Agriculture is interesting to you please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with more details.