How visitors view your website?

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Do you have a website? Are you in the process of redesigning your website? Do you wonder how visitors view your website?

If you answered yes to the above questions then Google Labs has the answer.

Google has developed a new tool in Google Labs called Browser Size.

What is Google Browser Size?

Google Browser Size is a useful tool which helps visualise browser window sizes for people visiting Google. In simple words it will tell you what people see when they visit your website according to their browser window size. I find it a very useful tool because it ensures that important parts of a web page are visible by a wide audience.

You can view this new tool on the URL below:

Once on their example page, there is a “Donate Now” button which falls within the 70% contour, meaning that 30% of users cannot see this button when they first visit the page. I reckon that 30% is a significant number and knowing this fact would encourage the designer to move the button much higher in the page so it can be seen without scrolling. If you wish to find out more details regarding this great tool you can visit the following URL:

To view your own Web site with this same visualization overlaid on it, simply type its URL into the “Enter URL here” textbox at the top of the window and click Go.

I believe that this great tool it will help web designers and web developers to design websites that will be more accessible to a wider audience.