Who we are

We create business solutions that make real business sense. We are experts in, and share a passion for, interactive business strategy. We offer a full line of business consulting services, web services and marketing services for small-medium enterprises.

Business Consulting Agency

Pittheus Business Consulting took shape in 2008 by a team of experienced professionals in web development and business services and is a leading and a unique business solutions provider for small-medium enterprises. Our team of web developers have vast experience in web design and software development solutions and has delivered and executed many projects globally. On the other hand, our business consultants have been working with large global corporations since 1998 and have gained expertise in the areas of business consulting, management, business development, sales, marketing, market research, business analysis and have an in depth understanding of various industries with a successful track record in implementing strategy and growing business. We offer a full line of business consulting services, digital web services and marketing services for small medium enterprises.

We are specialists in creative and dynamic web design services. We acknowledge the importance technology plays in the modern day business environment and strive to provide our clients with complete custom solutions that make a lasting impact on their business. We have a reputation for creating web based solutions that help businesses attract more customers, increase efficiencies, drive results and maximise profits.

Our experience and talent for implementing technology that makes commercial common sense, provides to our clients access to solutions that enable them to improve their efficiency, workflow, and business processes, as well as helping them to market themselves effectively using digital technologies.

7 Years and still Growing

We are an established team of strategists and technologists and since 2008, Pittheus Business Consulting has provided tailor made business solutions that make real business sense to our clients. We are experts in, and share a passion for, interactive business strategy. We are committed to work with integrity, sincerity, trust, and respect. Our philosophy is that a greater purpose produces greater motivation and success. 2015 has been a solid year for since we have joined forces with the Digital Marketing Agency, lab3web.com and we are officially their business strategy consulting arm.

Our success in meeting today’s business challenges rests on the way we approach our work. Sound governance and transparency form the bedrock of leadership. We believe that business is a relationship and can only be successful where there is absolute trust and respect between the parties involved. Based on these ethics Pittheus aims to shape and define the way business is done.  At Pittheus Business Consulting we believe in placing the interest of our customers first and foremost.

After years of systematic market research in Greece, Pittheus Business Consulting recognises the importance of small-medium sized enterprises and the role they play in the Greek economy. We also understand that most of these enterprises need business expertise in areas such as business management, strategic planning, sales, marketing and e-commerce where they lack resources in order to make themselves and the Greek economy more efficient and competitive. Our strategy is to bridge the digital gap between large corporations and SMEs. In today´s digital world, old fashioned barriers became extinct and the movement of goods and services is just a few clicks away. Large corporations have the funds to do that rather easily but smaller businesses lack the resources both financially and in terms of manpower. In this highly competitive environment, small businesses need a partner that will lead the necessary change and prepare them for the brave new world of Internet without the need of hiring new personnel or investing vast amounts of money. Pittheus Business Consulting is aiming to provide high quality services and cost effective business solutions to these small medium enterprises and help them transform into modern competitive enterprises. If you would like to know more about the business activities of Pittheus Business Consulting in Greece please take a look on our “services” section.

E-Agriculture is an emerging field focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information and communication processes. More specifically, e-Agriculture involves the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation and application of innovative ways to use information and communication technologies (ICT) in the rural domain, with a primary focus on agriculture. Considering the current economic environment and its challenges with regards to the global agricultural markets, Pittheus Business Consulting is aiming to enhance and support the field of e-agriculture in Greece which is based on the use of internet and other digital technologies by providing our consulting services to small medium enterprises who act in agriculture locally regionally and worldwide.
PBC believes that the use of internet and other digital technologies can transform and modernise the Greek agriculture.

Our passion for creating innovative e-commerce applications and solutions has lead us in the creation of a unique B2B market place where manufacturers, producers, farmers and importers/exporters of food products and beverages can market their goods and services across the globe. It is well known that small-medium sized companies in this sector are facing huge challenges and hence we took the initiative of creating a market place where any company/enterprise or individual can market and offer their products economically across the globe.