Business Funding Services

If you are thinking about starting or growing a business then look no further. Our team at Pittheus Business Consulting can help you. We offer a hassle free wide range of business funding services and strategic business consulting services and hence we can assist you with the whole business funding preparation process in order to apply for a business grant through National & European Funding Programs currently available in Greece. Our business consultants will collect and prepare all the necessary information required for a successful business funding application. Our business funding services include advice on starting or growing your business, strategic business and marketing plans, conducting market research, management consulting, business operation analysis and marketing and business operations consulting. For more information on the services we offer please do not hesitate to have a look on our “services section” or contact us for a friendly chat. Please take a look below where you will be able to find information on National and European Funding Programs currently available in Greece.

 At the moment there are not any open business funding programs available for small and medium sized companies.