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September 2, Wednesday 2015
Web Applications & Development

Unparalleled freedom

We can create almost any type of web application from scratch. Our web development team here at Pittheus Business Consulting possesses the professional expertise and the commercial awareness to create web applications which are compliant with Website Accessibility standards currently in place.

Our web development process enables our customers to implement their business strategies over the Internet offering absolute freedom and unmatched ease and maintenance. We develop ingenious and powerful web solutions that simply work.

We have undertaken a variety of custom web development projects and  have created on-line applications using the latest .NET technologies for companies with the following requirements:

·    e-commerce applications; both business to consumer (B2C) & business to business (B2B)
·    content management systems
·    stock control and integrating accounting systems
·    web portal systems
·    hotel booking systems
·    booking forms of all kind
·    database driven brochure websites
·    multi-language websites
·    newsletter applications
·    picture and video galleries

Custom e-commerce solutions & e-commerce Website design


Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the way of buying and selling goods and services using electronic transactions as payment mode over the Internet.  E-commerce plays now a major role in our economy and buying online is a normal purchasing behaviour for a large part of the world.

Businesses of all sizes have discovered that the Internet is a very powerful tool  and a highly effective channel to new customers and increased sales. Whatever type of business you have, from start up to blue chip, a well designed and implemented website will help you to sell successfully on-line. We will listen to your online objectives and consult you so we could develop innovative solutions tailored to the needs of your business to drive traffic to your website and convert those visitors into sales.

Using our bespoke e-commerce solutions you will benefit from:


Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are a set of tools allowing webmasters to manage information being displayed on various pages of their website. Our team at PBC has developed various such systems comprising of tools offering ease of managing content of the website, and working of these tools are specific to the nature of information or content to be displayed on the website.

Online content management is at the top of the wish list of our clients. The ability to alter content has many advantages and a CMS is included in most of the sites built by Pittheus Business Consulting.

Some of the benefits include:

Reduced maintenance costs
·    Improved response capabilities
·    Power in the hands of content suppliers
·    Reduced reliance on IT staff
·    Shortened publishing lead times
·    Remote browser-based access using secured log-ins and tiered admin functions

Our content management solutions are custom made and tailored explicitly to your individual requirements, providing a perfect fit and a better performance than you can get from an off-the-shelf solution.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you with your web development requirements.

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